Table Decorating Contest Info

A highlight event of the Lobster Boil is the annual Table Decorating contest. To participate, you will need a group of 10 people. Arrive early and register at the Information area under the big tent. Select your table or bring your own. This year's theme is Education so let your imagination wander. The Early Bird Rotary Foundation will contribute $500 to the non-profit organization of the winning group's choice and the winning table will also receive a voucher for 5 free tickets for the 2016 Lobster Boil, valued at $200.

Lobster Cooking Instructions

Have you ever wondered how we cook the lobsters? This is what we've found to work the best.

  1. Pots full of water (about 50 gallons each)
  2. Add two boxes of canning salt to each pot
  3. Bring to a rolling boil (216 degrees F)
  4. Remove the claw bands and place in boiling basket
  5. Remove the lid
  6. Lower the Boiling Basket into the pot and immediately start the timer and place lid on pot
  7. Cooking times will vary based on batch size.
  8. 10 Lobsters cook for 11 minutes

    25 Lobsters cook for 13.5 to 14 minutes

    DO NOT COOK more than 25 lobsters in a batch!

  9. 20 seconds before timer expires remove the lid and attach hoist.
  10. Remove boiling basket when time is up
  11. Place lobsters into serving cooler and deliver to service line
  12. Check water and add water and a little salt if necessary. Note: Is important to keep the water level up to reduce recovery time. If it gets too low, you will get way behind during the rush between 6 and 7:30 pm.

Full production requires dropping a new batch, alternating pots, every 6 minutes.


Lobster Boil 2015 Information

Mark Your Calendars . . . July 17, 2015 Early Bird Rotary Lobster Boil!
"Claws for a Cause"

It is with great enthusiasm that the Sheboygan Early Bird Rotary Club is planning the 23rd Annual Lobster Boil Fundraiser, with all proceeds directed to local education through Technical School scholarships . . . the single, most well-publicized need of our business, healthcare and manufacturing companies throughout Northeast Wisconsin.

On Friday evening, July 17, 2015 in Fountain Park (d/t Sheboygan) from 4:30 -  8:30 p.m. you can enjoy a delicious dinner, music, fun and fellowship for a $40 ticket.

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Lobster Boil Table Winner 2014

table winner 2014 sm

Sheboygan’s Crew of Castaways including song and costumes impressed the Early Bird Rotary Judges . . . the shipwreck crew chose Horizons 4 Girls as the non-profit organization to receive a $500 award for their Table Decorating at the recent Lobster Boil. Castaways, front left – Captain Brian Stout, Teri Mattek, Mike Mattek, (2nd row, left) Pam Fitzer, Jackie Joseph-Silverstein, Sarah Stout, Missy Skurzewski-Servant, (3rd row, left) Ivor Benjamin, Carol Benjamin, Roy Silverstein, Joy Markelz, Joe Servant.