Sheboygan County Conservation Association
Jan 24, 2019
Lil Pipping
Sheboygan County Conservation Association

Lil Pipping is past president of both the Sheboygan County Conservation Association and the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation. She will be providing a presentation on the S.C.C.A., and its history of  accomplishments in Sheboygan County.
The organization is comprised of conservation groups, rod & gun clubs, and shooting/archery clubs. In addition, she will be speaking about the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, the Tr-County Sportswomen Club (a member of the S.C.C.A.), and the Friends of the Marsh.
Lil Pipping has spent decades dedicating her time to conservation. In 2007, she was elected president of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation (WWF) after serving as both 1st and 2nd vice president. Under her leadership, WWF started the Conservation Leadership Corp, working to inspire the next generation of conservation leaders. Lil has been involved with the Wisconsin Sportswomen Club (now known as Tri-County Sportswomen, LLC) since 1992, serving in numerous leadership roles. In 1999, she was elected the first female president of the Sheboygan County Conservation Association (SCCA) and still is the only woman to serve in that position.