Guests speakers at our Earlybird Rotary club meeting this morning, Thursday October 6th, were the owners of the Velvet Sheep Farm based right here in Sheboygan; Joshua and Kelli Dolan.  A quaint Bed and Breakfast sheep and goat farm owned by two self proclaimed city slickers who always knew they wanted the agrarian lifestyle.
Velvet Sheep Farm was founded by Joshua and Kelli Dolan right here in Sheboygan in November 2019. The inspiration for Velvet Sheep Farms was born of relatively benign conversation that took place during a little road in 2012. The couple were discussing each other's desired lifestyle and family environment. At the time, a seeming pipe dream with just the faintest outline of what Velvet Sheep Farms has become today. The original idea was centered on the idea of creating a viable and sustainable farming lifestyle. Joshua and Kelli decided that wool sheep would  be the right building block for the farm.
They have since incorporated the Bed & Breakfast into their vision and since the pandemic of 2020 have included group tours of the farm.
They have a total flock of 57 sheep and a number of dwarf goats. They sell their woolen goods through a number of different outlets including farmer's markets, an online store and at the Velvet Farm.
For more about their business, visit