Speaker Date Topic
Dean DuMez Sep 24, 2020
Boogie Bikes

Our guest speaker Dean DuMez will present on his company Boogie Bikes, which assembles their electric bicycles in Waldo, WI.

From boogiebikes.com:

"From day one, Boogie Bikes® has been about creating the best value in electric bikes for our customers. We started with some great ideas on how we would accomplish that goal and then completely changed them based on what we found in our research. We thought we could import a nice product and do a better job than anyone else on support and marketing, but quickly realized that quality control was absolutely critical." 

"We decided the only way to do it right was to do it ourselves. If we assembled the product, we could gut-check the final quality. If we brought the components in, we could pick and choose what was best, and then refine as we went.  If we built the product here, we could truly support it better than anyone out there. If we built it here, knew how it was done, and that it was done right by people we knew, we could market it better. We knew if we built it here, we would build it better and believe in it more making it the best value for our customers."